• From her long and rich engagement with the autonomous women’s and feminist movements in India, 63 year old Shanti shares photographs from various junctures of her life. They are embedded with contexts, anecdotes, conflicts, laughter, dilemmas and fun that accompany such fulsome journeys.


  • Photographs from the mid-eighties are props for Kamla Bhasin’s reflections that speak to “work-life balance”, a tired narrative about how the two polarities should stay in their respective place. Kamla disrupts the notion by celebrating the organic transgressions of one into the other in feminist lives where work is fun and life is work.

  • Thoughtful and ticklish, warm and chilling, of the village and from the city, this feature series written and curated by Runu Chakraborty brings alive the feminist spectrum that comprises debates, victories, lessons…fun! Read on.

  • Uni-dimensional, serious and anti-family. If that’s how feminism and feminist work is popularly pictured, Sarojini’s piece can put that myth to rest. From traditional healing to secularism, making art to collective child care, Sarojini flags the spectrum of her rich and fulfilling journey.

A digital archive hosted by the New Delhi-based feminist organisation Jagori, Living Feminisms offers free and public access to three decades of feminist materials from the organisation’s ­early and recent past as well as the autonomous Indian women’s movement which birthed it.